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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Boston's Best Vintage Shopping

Jul 26, 2009

My first introduction to vintage occurred while playing in the dress up trunk my sisters and I had inherited from a great aunt. The images of a rose hued tulle ballgown and beaded cocktail sheath haunt me to this day (where are they now?!)
Part of the reason I love both consignment and vintage is the nature of the hunt involved in finding that treasure, of which there is ONLY one. Just like at The Closet, the dress either fits or it doesn't. It's also nice to see that not all of the fashion world has turned into a giant conglomerate run corporate machine. Upon meeting the refreshing and inspiring folks at the South Street Block Party I was pleasantly reminded that an independent vintage/secondhand culture is alive and well in Boston. You really must pay them all a visit!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Must Try!

I just want to take a moment to remind my fellow shoppers of the importance of trying on a garment, regardless of how it looks on the hanger. Case in point: A couple of weeks ago we received a black silk kimono dress by Lanvin. It had wide dolman sleeves, a big belt, and narrow skirt. I hate to say it, but it looked rather unremarkable. The dress remained on the hanger for a few weeks, NOBODY wanted to try it on! Finally, a smart shopper arrived (from Vermont no less) who was game. It looked AMAZING and went home with her in a matter of minutes. This is a lesson to all of you who have ever looked at a piece of fabric resting carelessly on a plastic frame and thought, "mmmm I don't think so." Please, just try it on. What do you have to lose? The most perfect Lanvin dress is all!